YouNoodle Access

Do you need more qualified applicants for your startup program, innovation program, challenge, or competition? Or are you just looking to engage top startups in your field without the hassle of running a public program or event? We specialize in understanding our global data flow of 125,000 startups coming through hundreds of other programs, and identifying + engaging the most exciting ones within the scope you are looking for. Let us tell you how it works!



We help you define your startup field of interest, and how it maps to our global startup data flow


Mine our data flow for human-evaluated startups within your field, using thousands of experts as your eyes on the ground


Engage the right startups in your program, technology or brand, without wasting resources on the ones outside your scope


Because you were picky, your startups are ready for a wide array of partnerships in your organization

** If you are a consultant looking for a branded startup sourcing & selection tool for your clients