YouNoodle connects you to the best startups within your industry and drives internal innovation forward. We use our global network of over 10,000 experts (investors, advisors and successful entrepreneurs) to identify promising new global products and technologies. Startup engagement is more than simply acquisitions, with the rise of accelerators, startup challenges, product development partnerships, and even engaging with startups on marketing initiatives.

Whether you are looking to build a corporate innovation challenge, an innovation awards program or an exclusive innovation event, we can help you build an end to end digital innovation program in your industry according to your specific requirements.

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Why you will love working with YouNoodle

Access & engage with top startups globally
Fresh ideas on your business & technology challenges
Cost-effective branding to entrepreneurs in your industry
Technology Innovation challenge management/expertise
Figure out tomorrow’s next big thing!

Our Enterprise Packages:

Choose from any of our 3 customized innovation packages.

Startup Engagement Products Source Only Source and Evaluate End-to-End Startup Engagement
Access to Startups
Marketing & Outreach
Application Platform
Judge Management Platform
Account Management
Program Website
Judge Recruitment & Management
Core Messaging & Strategy
If you are a consultant looking for a white labeled startup sourcing & selection tool for your clients innovation specific needs, contact us for more information.