Startup Programs


A startup program is an initiative designed to engage with startups at scale. Typically, it is a competitive challenge-based process, where startups vie for a prize or a spot in an training or engagement program. Startup programs are typically global by nature, volume-driven (hundreds of startups engaged), and technology/vertically focused. They tend to be short-term projects and optimized for cost-effectiveness.

YouNoodle connects you to top startups within your industry and engages them in your brand or technology. We use our global network of over 19,000 experts (investors, advisors and successful entrepreneurs) to identify promising new global products and technologies that your organization can engage with. Instead of spending time and money on accelerators or consultants, a startup program is your shortcut to global startup sourcing and engagement.

Startup engagement is more than acquisitions and investments, with the rise of accelerators, startup challenges, product development partnerships, and even engaging with startups on marketing initiatives. Whether you are looking to build a corporate innovation challenge, an awards program or an exclusive innovation event, we can help you build an end-to-end digital innovation program, optimized for impact.


Outcome Design

Advise clients on best-practice structural program design to ensure compliance while maximizing ROI

Campaign Services

Develop outreach & marketing materials, utilize targeted marketing strategies to attract the right startups

Program Website

Design, develop and maintain a microsite specific to your program with relevant information and updates

Technology platform

Our leading platform for application management, evaluation & selection, fully integrated with your program website

Startup Sourcing

Targeted sourcing of the right startups for your program from our network, growing at 10,000+ startups per quarter

Application Process

Manage application set-up and communications with all applicants on deadlines, technical support, and selection

Startup Evaluation & Selection

Coordinate selection of the best startups through best-practice screening and judging process that leverages YouNoodle’s elite judges in Silicon Valley and globally

Expert Recruitment and Training

Recruit elite experts from our international network, support and train experts on evaluation criteria & platform, oversee results and selection of winners

Mentorship & Training

Through our network, engage both local business and startup community & global startup experts as coaches and mentors for your program

Pitch Coaching & Event Moderation

Support startups in final pitches through expert pitch coaching, host final demo day and moderate startup pitches, questions, and feedback

Event Design

Plan and execute the Grand Finale event for the startup programs including venue, food and beverage, logistics and roll out on event day


Access & engage with top startups globally

Fresh ideas on your business & technology challenges

Cost-effective branding to entrepreneurs in your industry

Technology Innovation challenge management/expertise

Oh, and the most dedicated support team in the business



Source & select startups through our technology platform



Tap into our global network to find the best startups