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7/02/2015 TechCrunch. “Tips For Finding Success As A Female Engineer.”

4/30/2015 VentureBeat. “What it takes to be a tech entrepreneur in 2015.”

3/19/2015 Endeavor Brasil. “Startup Chile: what can we learn in Brazil.”

3/19/2015 StartUp Daily. “Australian Water Association launches competition to find innovations improving water sustainability.”

2/2/2015 StartUp Daily. “The mission to grow the ‘Chilecon Valley’ startup ecosystem.”

1/19/2015 TechCrunch. “Start-Up Chile launches follow-on fund to boost local growth.”

10/23/2014 StartUp Beat. “Risk management for startup founders.”

10/6/2014 CBS. “CEO Advises San Francisco Job Seekers To Consider A Tech Startup.”

9/16/2014 TechCrunch. “YouNoodle Holds Its First Virtual Demo Day, YouNoodle Live.”

6/28/2014 Fast Company. “Why Don’t Big Tech Companies Release More Diversity Data?”

6/3/2014 Women2.0. “Female Founders: Why You Shouldn’t Worry if Your Startup Doesn’t Have Funding.”

4/4/2014 Wall Street Journal. “Torsten Kolind: A Growing Startup Scene in Chile”

4/3/2014 Verizon Wireless. “2014 Powerful Answers Award Open for Submissions”

4/1/2014 Fast Company. “How Do You Know If A Startup Will “Make It”?”

3/26/2014 Your Mark On the World. “YouNoodle Powers the Tech Awards for 2014”

3/21/2014 Fox Business. “Funding Roundup: Shopping-Data Startups Cash in”

3/20/2014 Dow Jones Private Equity and Venture Capital. “YouNoodle Secures $1.1M for Startup Competitions Software”

3/20/2014 Venture Capital Post. “YouNoodle secures $1.1M in new funding round”

3/20/2014 GeekTime. “Startup competition organizer YouNoodle wins $1.1M investment”

3/20/2014 Women2.0. “New Study Finds Female-Founded Startups Receive Less Gender Bias From Competition Judges Than VCs”

3/19/2014 TechCrunch. “YouNoodle Raises $1.1M To Build A Business From Startup Competitions And Data.”

12/23/2013 Digital News Asia. “Bootstrapping an entire ecosystem: Lessons from Chile.”

11/18/2013 “Startup Entrepreneurship Growing at an Exponential Rate.”

11/18/2013 CNBC. “Start me up: The global entrepreneurial revolution.”

10/29/2013 StartUp Beat. “The global talent pool and the critical need for the Startup Visa”

10/29/2013 “Todo funciona sobre la ayuda mutua”

10/22/2013 Bay Area Tech Wire. “San Francisco-Based YouNoodle Promotes Torsten Kolind to CEO”

10/22/2013 Silicon Valley Business Journal. “Torsten Kolind: People on the Move”

10/22/2013 VentureWire. “YouNoodle CTO Torsten Kolind Promoted to CEO”

10/20/2013 “YouNoodle, un puente entre las instituciones y los emprendedores”

10/7/2013 PulsoSocial. “YouNoodle’s Rebeca Hwang: Without a Collaborative Scheme, Accelerators Don’t Work”

10/4/2013 Wall Street Journal. “Torsten Kolind: Simple, Measurable Milestones”

10/1/2013 Small Business Opportunities. “Global Startup Youth Gather Young Entrepreneurs”


7/09/2015 “Girls in Tech Kicks Off Start Up Competition For Cutting Edge Female Tech Founders.”

4/6/2015 “Start-up Denmark Teams Up With YouNoodle To Find High-Growth Startups “

3/17/2015 “The Australian Water Association and YouNoodle Join Forces to Launch the Australian Water Innovation Challenge 2015”

3/10/2015 “YouNoodle Kicks Off Global Entrepreneurship Congress With YouNoodle Live With Amy Cosper”

12/3/2014 “Draper University’s Tim Draper Hosts YouNoodle Live Featuring Student Entrepreneurs From Around The World”

10/10/2014 “Winner of Start-Up Chile, Desafio Intel 2014 and YouNoodle Camp Alumnus Lab4U Wins The Intel Global Challenge”

9/25/2014 “YouNoodle Releases New Geographic Data Showing That Growth In Latin American Startups Is Skyrocketing”

9/16/2014 “YouNoodle Evolves YouNoodle 1K Study and Launches YouNoodle Live Giving Top Global Startups The Opportunity to Pitch a Panel of Tech VIPs Virtually”

7/31/2014 “Intel and YouNoodle Announce Finalists to Represent Latin America at the Intel Global Challenge”

6/2/2014 “YouNoodle and UP Global Unveil YN1Kwomen, a Study of the Top 1000 Female-Founded Early-Stage Startups”

3/19/2014 “YouNoodle Secures $1.1MM in Funding”

3/19/2014 “YouNoodle Unveils YN1K a Study of the Top 1000 Early Stage Startups”


11/25/2013 Nerd Stalker. “Interview with Torsten Kolind of YouNoodle”

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