Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to power the global startup revolution. We believe the foundation of tomorrow’s entrepreneurial society is a level playing field for entrepreneurs across the globe. A platform where startups meet opportunities, no matter where they are from, what languages they speak, or what means they used to get there. Where transparent principles, data, and exchange
of thoughts allows for market efficiency to determine resource allocation.

Our Values

We believe entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, universities, and governments all have a role in building tomorrow’s entrepreneurial society. Startups and their founding teams will become a key component of our economy. Investors will power the ecosystem by allocating resources to where the most value is created, and thereby where the best returns are made, which may often be outside of their current networks. Corporations will increasingly shift internal processes to external providers, in order to achieve efficiency and flexibility in rapidly moving markets. Universities will open up their knowledge powerhouses to co-creation, but should continue to ask the right questions. Governments will set the rules of the game, and provide long-term incentives for growth and innovation, on transparent and competitive terms.

Finally, we believe that every member of society has a role in promoting this change. We live in an imperfect world, where most of our population lacks access to the resources, knowledge, and cultural acceptance required to become a successful entrepreneur. The global startup revolution is fundamentally powered by entrepreneurs, but we can all do our part to expedite this momentous change for good.

Powered by Diversity

The diversity of our team and the startups we serve makes us stronger. It inspires how we shape the global Silicon Valley of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs #E4E

We get entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. Everyone wins when the passion, creativity and resourcefulness of startups thrive.

Growth through Contribution

Some of our best ideas have come from unexpected places. Regardless of your formal role you can shape the future of YouNoodle with fresh perspective and tenacity.

Happiness is Key

We are happy when our clients are happy and we strive to build strong relationships infused with delight.

Drive Change and Be Bold

We enable people to drive positive change by sweeping away obstacles and fostering meritocracy. We’re open-minded, driven and even a little rebellious.

Clarity through Transparency

Transparency fosters both trust and accountability in all that we do. Clients trust us like we trust our team to do a great job.