The industrial era is being replaced by an entrepreneurial society, where large corporations act as brands on top of closely-knit networks of startups and small businesses. It is an era where every human being on Earth can start a business, and where co-creation becomes the norm for innovation. Where the entrepreneurial career path is the most daring, but also the most coveted of professions. Where capital markets are optimized for value creation, not reallocation. Where nations succeed by embracing change, not by copying others or clinging to the past.

YouNoodle connects top startups with opportunities for growth. Corporations powered by startups grow faster and outperform their peers. Investors with the right dealflow produce better returns. Cities and colleges with thriving startup ecosystems produce more jobs and economic growth. This is what YouNoodle is all about – powering the global startup revolution.


YouNoodle was founded by Torsten Kolind and Rebeca Hwang in 2010, and is funded by VTF Capital and an international group of business angels. The company was spun off an ambitious project started by Bob Goodson and Kirill Makharinsky in 2007 with support from Peter Thiel (Founders Fund), Max Levchin (PayPal) and Charles Lho (Amicus Group). YouNoodle is run by a dedicated team of 11 different nationalities with global headquarters in San Francisco and a growing presence in Santiago, Mexico City, and Munich.