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Startups bring in the novelty, corporations the experience.

Mariana Camacho | April 11, 2016 | Corporate Startup Engagement, Startup Competitions, Startup Engagement
Intel Corporate Innovation Challenge As you have seen in the past weeks, we have been sharing ways for corporations to engage with startup ecosystems. There are multiple ways for organizations to reach out and innovate in partnership with startups. If sourcing startups outside your industry or looking for support to solve a problem you have  are not the type of startup engagement programs you want to run, there are other options. Another great way to Read More

Make startup engagement work for your organization

Mariana Camacho | April 4, 2016 | Corporate Startup Engagement, Startup Competitions, Startup Engagement
Genentech’s Innovation Challenge 2016 On our previous post we shared one way we have seen companies approach startups via innovation programs by looking for startups that are working outside of an organization’s industry and engaging with them to see what’s out there. But what if you want to source startups from your industry who have a different approach to things than you? There are multiple ways in which startups and corporations team up. Startups thrive on Read More

Growing in new markets? Why startup engagement is for you

Mariana Camacho | March 28, 2016 | Corporate Startup Engagement, Startup Competitions
Verizon’s Corporate Innovation Challenge 2015 Years of working with corporations and startups together have shown us that many times corporations aren’t very aware of how to engage with the startup world or how they can benefit from a startup innovation program/challenge/competition. After hosting thousands of global innovation programs on our platform, we have seen multiple ways in which big businesses can engage with the startup ecosystem. They can both gain powerful and innovative ideas by Read More

The Puerto Rican Government looks to Entrepreneurship for Answers

Shilpa Prasad | January 12, 2016 | Entrepreneurship, Startup Competitions
Director of Parallel 18, Sebastian Vidal, talks with CNN about the new Puerto Rican government entrepreneurship initiative. Once fueled by its coffee and sugar production, Puerto Rico is turning towards entrepreneurship to transform its economy. Parallel 18 is a new dynamic economic initiative from the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust to jumpstart Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This year Parallel 18 will host 2 cohorts of 40 startups for a five-month period. These startups Read More

YouNoodle for Administrators

Mariel Housley | December 9, 2015 | Startup Competitions, University

Grow your startup with Next Step Challenge and Bang & Olufsen

Olivia Bechetoille | November 18, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, Startup Competitions
YouNoodle, Next Step Challenge and global audio design brand Bang & Olufsen have partnered up to identify 7 startups poised to shape the future of sound. This program is an international competition for startups working within the fields of sound, home integration, design, IoT and streaming. Besides the opportunity to win the grand prize of EUR 250k, you’ll get the chance to have access to Bang & Olufsen’s expertise and facilities throughout the 6-month program Read More

5 Actionable Tips: Manage the Judging Round of Your Startup Competition Like a Pro

Adele Burnes | November 12, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, New Features, Startup Competitions, Updates
In one of our previous blog posts we covered the topic of setting up a Judging Form. After this task has been completed, it is equally important to efficiently manage your competition judging rounds. We have developed a checklist that will help you complete all activities related to your judging round. Establish your judging guidelines: Prior to assigning entries to judges, decide on how many judges should review each entry. We recommend that each entry Read More

DevelopHer Toy & Game Challenge: Changing the Toy Aisles for Girls [Case Study]

Adele Burnes | November 12, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, Startup Competitions, Uncategorized
YouNoodle is excited to share an impressive client success story: today we are featuring the DevelopHer Foundation. The DevelopHer Toy & Game Challenge encourages, recognizes and accelerates toys and games focused on girls ages 3-12 in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Studies show we become what we play with, and DevelopHer is focused on changing the toy aisles for girls. DevelopHer used YouNoodle’s online competition platform for managing the Challenge from beginning to end, Read More

3 Tips for Managing Applications for Your Startup Competition

Adele Burnes | November 10, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, New Features, Startup Competitions, Updates
After you have set up and tested your entry form, you are almost ready to start receiving applications for your competition or program. On YouNoodle Judge, you can open your entry round and push your competition live in a couple of clicks. A convenient indicator in the status bar will let you know that your competition has been successfully launched.   You don’t have to wait until your entry round closes to get insights about Read More

CANVAS by Marriott: an Innovative Approach To the Traditional Industry [Case Study]

Adele Burnes | November 3, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, Newsletter, Startup Competitions
We like to feature our clients regularly and this month we focus on the Marriott Hotel in Budapest Hungary, who recently hosted CANVAS, a hospitality startup collaboration on a global level that invites passionate, local entrepreneurs to test their new food and drink business ideas in Marriott’s hotel-based concept labs. In Budapest, staff at the hotel noticed that there was a large empty space in the hotel with an excellent view of the Danube River—and Read More
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