Author: Shilpa Prasad

Radwa Rostom on Why Social Entrepreneurs Matter

Shilpa Prasad | February 13, 2017 | Newsletter
Radwa Rostom is a social entrepreneur. A few years ago, she had never even heard the term before. The founder of Hand Over, a social enterprise that utilizes sustainable construction techniques for community development, Radwa won last year’s World Bank Women for Resilience Competition, and now serves as an Ashoka and Echoing Green Fellow. Radwa gained inspiration for Hand Over in college, when she worked on a literacy project for a low-income community in an Read More

The Power of Trust

Shilpa Prasad | June 2, 2016 | Entrepreneurship, YouNoodle
I recently watched a TED talk by one of the co founders of AirBnB. In it, he asks people in the audience to unlock their phone and hand it over to the stranger sitting next to them to showcase how important “trust” is to their business. Having said that, trust is not only important when interacting with clients and third parties to a company. A recent Forbes article mentions that the costs of not having Read More

Being Green Isn’t Easy, Or Is It?

Shilpa Prasad | April 20, 2016 | Startup Engagement
Green City Solutions uses a unique combination of IoT technology and plants to drive sustainability Being green isn’t easy, especially when you’re a startup. With product deadlines and marketing budgets, Startup life leaves little time for little else much less the environment. While this is understandable, there are lots of things that any startup can do to impact the environment. With a little research and creativity, one can become an eco-friendly entrepreneur. For those who Read More

Beat the politics: Win and scale with a big company

Shilpa Prasad | February 18, 2016 | Startup Engagement
Will 2016 finally be the year banking and fintech innovation come together and create real change? Never has this been more true than in the financial sector. Banks are big and regulated and slow moving. Startups are small and nimble and under the radar. But 2016 just may be the year in which the two come together most effectively. Like so many large corporations, banks are observing the digital innovation all around them and recognize Read More

February’s Featured Startups

Shilpa Prasad | February 9, 2016 | Entrepreneurship, Uncategorized
Engineers transforming Natural Gases to Chemicals Industrial chemical manufacturing is a multi-billion-dollar business quietly being disrupted by a small team in the east bay. Backed by Y Combinator, Industrial Microbes is led by 3 synthetic biologists developing microorganisms that will convert natural gas into industrial chemicals. Most chemical manufacturers use sugar to engineer the chemicals they need to produce. According to their interview with TechCrunch “Natural gases are 75 percent cheaper than sugar. They’re cheaper Read More

Is your Startup the missing piece to ending cervical cancer?

Shilpa Prasad | January 12, 2016 | Corporate Startup Engagement, Newsletter
As the third most common cancer in women globally, cervical cancer continues to affect over 500,000 women and takes the lives of about 275,000 women every year. The most interesting thing about cervical cancer is it is preventable. “The American Cancer Society estimates that 95 percent of cervical cancers could be prevented or effectively cured if caught early.” So if cervical cancer is preventable, why is it still affecting many women each year? One reason Read More

The Puerto Rican Government looks to Entrepreneurship for Answers

Shilpa Prasad | January 12, 2016 | Entrepreneurship, Startup Competitions
Director of Parallel 18, Sebastian Vidal, talks with CNN about the new Puerto Rican government entrepreneurship initiative. Once fueled by its coffee and sugar production, Puerto Rico is turning towards entrepreneurship to transform its economy. Parallel 18 is a new dynamic economic initiative from the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust to jumpstart Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This year Parallel 18 will host 2 cohorts of 40 startups for a five-month period. These startups Read More

How do YouNoodle?

Shilpa Prasad | January 5, 2016 | Corporate Startup Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Startup Engagement, Torsten Kolind, YouNoodle
A YouNoodle original poster from 2010. “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare Here’s a fun story about our odd startup name and no it does not involve noodles. When Torsten Kolind and Rebeca Hwang founded YouNoodle in 2010, they built what appears to be a zany pasta factory from an original poster we found in our storage room. However, YouNoodle originated Read More

Verizon Announces Powerful Answers Award Finalists

Shilpa Prasad | October 13, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, Startup Competitions, Updates
Verizon recently announced 36 finalists from a pool of over 1,400 candidates from around the world for the 2015 Powerful Answers Award, a startup competition that challenges innovators, developers and entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions that deliver social good. The competition offers a total of $6 Million in cash prizes, plus the opportunity for winners to participate in an Accelerator program designed to help develop their ideas and bring solutions to market faster. The program Read More

Cisco Announces Semifinalists of Innovation Grand Challenge

Shilpa Prasad | October 12, 2015 | Entrepreneurship, Startup Competitions, Startup pitches
Last week, Cisco announced the 15 semi-finalists in their second annual Innovation Grand Challenge. The semifinalists were selected from over 3,000 entries in over 100 countries, which was hosted on the YouNoodle Judge platform. In the next stage of the competition, six finalists will be selected and startups will participate in a ‘Shark Tank’ style pitch at the IOT World Forum in Dubai, after which three winners will be announced. You can read more about Read More
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