Sebastian Vidal is the former executive director of StartUp Chile and is now the director of Parallel 18, a new initiative designed to attract high potential entrepreneurs to grow their startups in Puerto Rico. The program offers startups $40,000 of equity free funding, co-working space and a network to help them scale their startup globally. This innovative government economic initiative has gained traction and been featured on both CNN and Forbes. Here are the reasons he believes all startup should join a startup nations program.
1. Start Scaling Fast
It’s difficult to build a healthy scaling business anywhere. Startup Nation Programs offer unique tools and to help every startup rapidly scale their ideas. Whether it’s their access to a close network of mentors and advisors or the ability to help startups with basic legal assistance, Startup Nations programs help startups scale quickly and more efficiently.
2. Location, Location, Location

The global startup revolution is building and startup ecosystems are popping up across the globe from Bangladesh to Santiago. Startup Nation Programs give startups the ability to test and develop in key emerging markets around the globe. The geographic location of Puerto Rico positions it as the perfect place to access the U.S., Latin American, Caribbean and European markets.

3. Best For Your Wallet
While Silicon Valley may be where thousands have come to build their startups, beyond the city limits of Silicon Valley is a world with far more resources and energy to give to early stage and developing startups. In Puerto Rico for example, the economy is desperate for innovative startups to come to the island and reinvigorate the economy. The government of Puerto Rico offers several tax incentives for businesses that operate from the Island and serve a global audience.
4. Connected Community
Defining how to build your startup will be difficult but having an engaged and supportive community can make all the difference. Startup Nation Programs give each startup the support they need to grow their business. Unlike a local accelerator or incubator, Startup Nations Programs are invested not only in your success but what you could do for their ecosystem. Because when startups in Startup Nations Programs succeed so do the individual ecosystems.
5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Traveling cannot only open your mind, it can positively affect your work. Joining a Startup Nations Program offers startups the unique opportunity to dive into another culture and ecosystem to help them grow. Puerto Rico offers not only a location with beaches and tropical weather but a lively and diverse culture with a cost of living lower than many tech hubs.

The deadline for the second round of Parallel 18 is June 13th at 11:59pm AEST. Please click here to apply.