I recently watched a TED talk by one of the co founders of AirBnB. In it, he asks people in the audience to unlock their phone and hand it over to the stranger sitting next to them to showcase how important “trust” is to their business. Having said that, trust is not only important when interacting with clients and third parties to a company. A recent Forbes article mentions that the costs of not having trust within a company ultimately comes with a huge price tag. “[Organizations] will begin to see a lot of turnover and uncertainty that slows effort. People are afraid to act without permission – even when their actions are the right things to do… People shy away from innovation because innovation is too risky. Ideas are not shared for how to make things better.” This really got me thinking about how we perceive Trust at YouNoodle. Yes, sure it is one of our company values, but why is that important and what does that actually mean for us?
Our Clients
Over the last 5 years, we have built a brand, built a company and built a team – all of it leading towards us being trustworthy. Talk to our clients and they will definitely say they trust us. They want to work with us because they believe we will deliver, do the right thing, provide direction and most of all they trust us to take away the pain points in running a startup program.
Our Startups
Core and fundamental to YouNoodle, is the 100,000+ startups that are part of our ever-growing global network (adding almost 10,000 new startups a quarter to our network). These startups trust us to connect them with the right opportunities. They also trust that when they apply to a startup program on our platform, we will not use their information without permission and that their data is safe with us.
Our Team
Personally, I have always been one to depend largely on my instinct on whom to trust and whom not to trust (and I have almost never been wrong). When I first came to YouNoodle, it struck me as a place with zero bureaucracy. I have to say, one of the things that stood out oh so strongly for me was the feeling of “I can trust folks here”. We have a fabulous team, so diverse, so talented, so passionate – trust comes easily. We work so well as a team that our COO describes us as a mini UN! A team that trusts in each other’s capabilities to deliver to a single goal makes us a very cohesive and tight team – and that’s why we are able to produce such great results.
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