What is YouNoodle 1K?

YouNoodle 1K is an invite-only program for the best startups in our global network. We have combed through over 28,000 startups entering some 400 startup competitions on YouNoodle over the past 12 months, to identify 1,000 of the most promising ideas and businesses currently being developed by entrepreneurs worldwide.

To be included in the top 1,000, we review and consider a range of factors, including the combined judging score from over 4,000 judges in our network. With startups already demonstrating a strong track record in previous competitions, we can ensure a transparent and measurable high standard in the 1K network.

Showcasing the top startups in our global network

As part of 1K, we’ll provide startups with opportunities and resources to push their startup even further. We’re talking about increased visibility, education, pitching and networking opportunities, potential marketing and media opportunities, and more.

Events coming up for YouNoodle 1K

YouNoodle Live

This successful virtual pitch-off series showcases some of the top startups in our global network and puts them in front of the likes of industry experts such as Tim Draper, and other VCs, seasoned entrepreneurs and media. Don’t miss out, email 1k@younoodle to be notified when we launch the next YouNoodle Live.

How your startup can get involved in YouNoodle 1K

YouNoodle 1K is an invite-only network for our top performing startups. The better your startup performs in competitions, the higher the chance your startup has of being selected. Find a competition now

How competition organizers can get involved in YouNoodle 1K

If the startups participating in your startup competition perform exceptionally well, they will have a chance to access even more opportunities through the YouNoodle 1K network.